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Inspection & Reports

Inspection & Reports

Chem-Dry Australia can offer a complete inspection and reporting service for all of our clients. By default, when you use one of our services such as warranty servicing or insurance claim servicing, you will receive a full report about the claim, including the exact nature of the claim, condition of the item prior to the claim and in the unlikely event that we are not entirely successful, a recommendation from us on what may need replacing.
For some of our clients, we provide purely an inspection service. Our technicians are fully trained to find the cause and what may be needed to rectify the problem.
A complete report will then be returned to you.
Examples of Items we have Inspected
  • Mattresses
  • Soft furnishings
  • Carpets
  • Wooden furnishings
  • Flood damaged homes
  • Cracked mirrors & dressing tables
  • Suspicious or fraudulent Claims
Not Just Carpet
Chem-Dry Australia continuously holds training seminars to ensure that our technicians are fully trained on the latest cleaning and repair information.
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